Types of Entrepreneurs Who Start Up Business

Entrepreneurs have one purpose and vision that drives them to pursue their dreams of establishing their own business. They all undergoes planning to know details so that they can established their business smoothly. They have to consider about the costs, capital needed, estimate expenses, who are the customers, know the requirements and procedures in establishing a business in private and government offices, location of business, and to estimate profits. All areas of the business should be planned including employees and their position. There are many areas to take into consideration.

Then what are the types of entrepreneurs that starts their business? What type of entrepreneur you can be?

We can say it depends on resources you have. If you have money and want to use that for a business then you can be the angel entrepreneur who gives the capital so a business could start or continue like financing a real estate project. Capital is one of the biggest requirements to establish a business more than the business model. Another type is one who have the brains and personal abilities.

They are the ones who invest their time managing the business with their experience or profession and they can spend full time or part time for the business.

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