A Look Back at a History of Marketing

History is a great way to learn many things. It teaches us to understand what has happened and what may happen. We can also think and analyse what if things happened in a different way or different approach were taken for it. History left us many lessons and great realizations. As we have seen the result of one decision, we ought to learn and not commit the same mistake again.  We must not take lightly the saying that experience is the best teacher for us.

Many influential people who became part of history also have left many lessons they have understood and imparted to us. Alexander the great who have conquered vast territories of the world within just a short span of time have realized life is meaningless. When he died of fever he requested that they let his hand hang in the coffin when they will bury him to let people know and realize also that we came into this world without anything and we will go away from this earth with nothing.

Marketing has also a history that is worth being studied by professionals in that field as they can learn from it. There are many strategies that marketers have used and that through time it has evolved. Understanding the root of one thing and how it evolves gives us better decisions and strategies to apply. Marketing started from print media like newspaper and magazines then to radios and televisions. Now when technology is more developed, marketing has conquered it like autocad.